Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Wardrobe

   After my first pay day I could not resist a little bit of shopping, even if Summer clothes don't get much use here in Scotland! I got some good investments as I'm starting to learn that I need to buy clothes I will wear more than once! I've sold 100 things on eBay and still have a long way to go before clearing everything I will never wear again!! 
   I would like to say a big thank you to my friend Seonaid who did an amazing job taking these pictures yesterday. It was actually her idea to do the shoot! 

Look 1: Leather & Simple T

*I bought another pair of my first Nike Blazers, I tried to replace them but I've been missing them too much!! 

Look 2: Chanel & Pastels

This is the first time I've featured my little Fiat 500 on the blog! His name is Paolo and he is my baby, I have vowed never to own another car after him!! 

Look 3: Natural White 

White Dress/£14.99/Zara

Look 4: Denim & Graphic T

Denim Shorts/£24.99/River Island
Leopard Slip Ons/£12.00/Office

   So that's my latest Summer purchases.. for now! I finish up with Armani in August and am going on a major detox so will be posting some health kick blog posts! I've ordered a Skinny Teatox so I'll be reviewing that too. And then I've got my trip to New York which will definitely need more than a few blog posts!

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