Friday, 21 March 2014

And The Leopard Went To NYC!

   It's hard sometimes being in Canada and being so far away from all my friends and family so when I took a trip to New York last weekend it was made even more special by the fact that I got to be reunited with my favourite flatmate Linsey! Even though we have been Skyping constantly I've still been missing her like crazy!
Linsey & I in Times Square!
   I've been to New York a few times so it was nice to go back and do all the touristy things again! We visited the Museum of Modern Art which was extra special for Linsey and her friends as they are all art students!
Felt Hat/£18.99/H&M
Printed Shirt/£34/Topshop
Leather Trousers/£7.99/H&M
Chain Detail Boots/£45/River Island

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art 

Monet Waterlilies

Mondrian Art Piece
  We also took the subway across to Brooklyn to check out the street art and flea markets. It's similar to London's Camden and it was nice to get away from the touristy center of the city and see another side of the big apple!

You can never have too much fur!

Pantone Mugs are my fave!

This tiramisu was the best I've ever had(except my Mum's!)
   At night we went up the Empire State building which was absolutely amazing and made it super easy to spot all the landmarks like the Chrysler building, the Flatiron, Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge!
Times Square!

Looking out onto the Chrysler Building!
  I couldn't resist a walk down Fifth Avenue to have a look at all the amazing visual displays by the luxury designers!I've been taking a huge interest in visual merchandising and displays since being accepted by Elemental as they have a strong portfolio of impressive displays for a range of high end and high street clients!
Fendi Window

Dolce & Gabbana Window

Chanel Window

Outside my favourite store!

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Dior Window
   I think Linsey missed being my blog photographer so she was more than happy to take some pictures of my outfit!
Leather Snakeskin Clutch/£15.99/New Look
Sunglasses/£10/Aldo Accessories
Cropped Turtle Neck/£5.95/Forever 21
Leopard Print Skirt/£30/Guess
Neon Necklace/*Gift*/
Gold Detail Boots/£45/River Island

   Overall I had an amazing weekend and it was definitely nice to hear some Scottish accents! Every time I go to New York I don't want to leave but I know it's definitely not the last time I'll be there!

Friday, 14 March 2014

And The Leopard Went To Montreal

   The next stop on our trip was Montreal! This was where my shopping habit was fully unleashed! I got some beautiful new clothes and managed to fit into a size 2 skirt which was definitely the highlight of my day!!

From Left-Right
Leather Sleeve Top/£11.99/H&M
Leather Trousers/£10/H&M
Printed Shirt/£34/Topshop
Leopard Scrunchie/£4/Aldo Accessories
Gold Plate Belt/£17/Aldo Accessories
Leopard Print Skirt/£30/Guess
Leopard Print Glasses Case/£4/Aldo Accessories
Cats Eye Sunglasses/£10/Aldo Accessories
Rose Print Phone Case/£5.99/H&M
Floppy Hat/£20/H&M
Buckle Bracelets/2 for £3/Aldo Accessories
   Montreal was an amazing city to see as it is so French! Everyone is speaking fluent French, with English often appearing to be the second language. It is a bit surreal standing in a mall in Canada and everyone around you is speaking in French! 

   To get in the French spirit I decided to wear this jumper which I am absolutely in love with! It's from Forever 21 but looks and feels like it could be worth a lot more than what I paid for it!
Tres Chic Jumper/£14.95/Forever 21
   I wore my leather trousers and leopard fur to complete the look!

Tres Chic Jumper/£14.95/Forever 21
Leopard Fur Coat/£25/New Look
Leather Trousers/£19.95/Forever 21
Nike Blazers/£65/Office
   On day two of Montreal I wrapped up a bit warmer with my favourite leggings, my girly beanie and of course my leopard fur!

Printed Leggings/£10/Urban Outfitters Sale
Nike Blazers/£65/Office
Leopard Fur Coat/£25/New Look
Embellished Beanie/£7.99/H&M
   We had lunch at Five Guys which is the best burger and fries place ever! Me and my Mum have been to one in New York before so as soon as I spotted it there was no question, that was where we were eating! 
Enjoying my Five Guys burger!
   We went to the contemporary art museum which was really interesting and a nice break from the cold outside! Your not supposed to take photos but I am a dedicated blogger so I managed to snap a few!

    Although I have been trying to eat a bit healthier while I'm here I couldn't resist a few treats, especially when someone offered me a leopard print chocolate! And the salted caramel cupcake I had was literally the best cupcake I have had EVER! Definitely worth breaking the diet for!

   It was an amazing city and there was some beautiful graffiti and street art. This quote from "The Notebook" was definitely my favourite though! I'm heading to New York tomorrow so expect a good few posts about my time there! I'm meeting up with my flatmate Linsey from Aberdeen who I have been missing like crazy. It is going to be an emotional reunion!!

And The Leopard Went To Ottawa

Snowy Ottawa!
   As my time in Canada is going faster than I can handle it was definitely time to explore some other parts of the country! So the first stop this weekend was Ottawa. Every day started with a nice hot chocolate as it is still pretty chilly here, regardless of the fact it is now March!
   Going round the parliament is apparently the main tourist thing to do so that was the first stop of the day!

Leopard Fur Coat/£25/New Look
Pug Scarf/*Gift*/Dorothy Perkins
" Joni" Blue Jeans/£34/Topshop
   Then we went to the Byward Market where I was treated to a new dream catcher for my car! I resisted one of the miniature llamas but they were so cute!

   I found this amazing interior design store called EQ3 which is like a super stylish version of Ikea. As my bell alarm has finally died I managed to convince my parents to get me another one! It's the only thing that wakes me up in the mornings, especially when I have 8am class!
Inside EQ3
   We then found this massive bookstore called "Chapters" and it had the best fashion book collection I've ever seen, it was hard to resist some of the Lagerfeld books but my luggage allowance is definitely being used for as much clothing as possible!

    I also found a little taste of home, a Scottish pub! Unfortunately we'd already had lunch but I could definitely have managed some haggis or fish & chips!
   As we were leaving Ottawa I spotted a dog park with some amazing graffiti so stopped to take a few pics! One of my definite highlights of Canada is that dogs wear little socks to keep their paws warm, making them 10 times cuter!!

   I treated myself to a souvenir from Humber College which I was wearing on my trip! It's white so I'll have to be careful. I have a bad habit of tinging things orange with my fake tan but so far it's still white! It's super comfy and will be so nice to wear at home! I'll have a post about my next stop on the trip soon!