Monday, 21 April 2014

And The Leopard Said Goodbye!

   This has been the fastest 4 months of my entire life, and I can't believe my time in Canada is almost over! I'm not going to lie, as I waited for my flight at Glasgow airport I was terrified. Would I make any friends? Would the course be hard? What would I do without Irn Bru? But from the second I stepped off my plane in Toronto I was fully reassured as everyone was so welcoming and friendly! 
     I've managed to pack an amazing amount of memories into the last 4 months, from sports games (baseball, basketball AND ice hockey!) to crazy raves that make you dance until 4am (I inevitably ended up on someones shoulders for a good portion of these!) I've managed to get a selfie with a shark and grab a pic with my favourite fashion bloggers The Beckerman Sisters! I also managed to squeeze in some snow snowmobiling and hot tubbing! 
    I cannot thank everyone I've met enough, you all know who you are and you've all been the reason I've had such an amazing time here. I've made some true friends that have been there for me when I really needed them most! And I would also like to thank my friends from home, who have been amazing at keeping in touch and have stayed awake till 1 in the morning just to hear what I've been up to!
   I've learnt an amazing amount here, and for any Scotsmen out there considering taking on Canada, here are a few tips:
1) Even if you can speak perfect English, with a Scottish accent no one will have a clue what you are saying when you first speak to them. Speak really slowly or put on a Canadian accent.
2) People will ask you some pretty odd questions. Is Scotland attached to England? Is English your first language? Scotland and Ireland are basically the same yeah?
3) EVERYONE has family from Scotland, when they try and remember where just say "EDINBURG?" and they'll usually agree.
4) If you like chips and cheese, which pretty much everyone except me does, you will LOVE poutine, its basically chips, cheese and gravy!
5) You do not know the meaning of the word cold until you are walking on the edge of a lake in -20 degrees with a fur leopard coat on that is not made for temperatures below about -5!
   My advice to anyone considering travelling is to DO IT!! Do it while you can and take every chance you get while you're there! I never thought I'd agree to drive a snow mobile over a frozen lake, but it was by far the best thing I've ever done! And I never thought I'd be able to live in a country 3000 miles away from home but I've survived! 
   I'm going to miss Canada and all the people I've met, but don't worry I'll be back!!

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