Wednesday, 5 February 2014

And The Leopard Got Snowed In!

My Building: The Fashion Institute
   After 15cm of snow falling on Toronto today I think it can definitely be classed as a snow day which means not braving it outside unless absolutely necessary! So far I've only stepped outside once today and that was to run across to 7/11 for some much needed study snacks! My Hunters proved their worth on the way there as the snow was almost up to my knees in places!
Black Patent Wellies/£89/Schuh
Leopard Print Trousers/£42/Topshop
Mesh Detail T-shirt/£8.50/Forever 21
   I'm starting to get the hang of this camera! Check the blurred background and focus foreground in this shot, I am no longer an aperture amateur! This top was an absolute bargain and I've already worn it both during the day for class and at night for a girls night out! It's super comfy and because it's black it literally goes with anything! 
/From Left/
Statement Necklace/£5/Primark
Snakeskin Print T-shirt Dress/£5/H&M
Gold Detail Pumps/£25/Topshop
Rottweiler Jumper/£17.95/Forever 21
Black Leggings/£2.50/Sears
Colour Block T-Shirt/£10/Topshop
Printed Bodycon Skirt/£8/Forever 21
Holographic Pumps/£11/Urban Outfitters
   So here are the latest additions to my wardrobe! My only defense it that I've not bought anything overly heavy so my luggage allowance shouldn't suffer too badly! This dress was something I was going to end up with eventually, whether I was in Canada or Scotland! I had eyed it up a few times back home but never actually committed to buying it, so when I saw it on sale for $5 in the Eaton Centre I couldn't resist it any longer!
    The colour block t-shirt is definitely going to be on trend for Spring/Summer so it was an investment piece, especially as it was in the Topshop sale! It is so comfy and has a really nice zip detailing at the back and although I've only worn it a handful of times I've already received quite a few compliments on it! The skirt also has a nice zip detail which runs down the back of the entire skirt, I'll have to watch myself on nights out though!
   This jumper has a really cool detail with the studded neck, which is a nice change for me as I usually wear my jumpers with statement necklaces. The rottweiler design is a take off from Givenchy and I've been looking for a good copy for a long time! Although the design is different from the Givenchy original it still has the same idea which any fellow fashionistas would recognise!
Co-Ord Style Dress/£13/Forever 21
   This dress has been my favourite purchase so far! I spotted it a few times in Forever 21 and finally gave in and tried it on! I've yet to wear it so I think I'll save it for something special! I love the zip at the back and the way it connects the skirt and the top makes this piece definitely look more than £13! It has a lovely sixties print and for me you can't go wrong with anything sixties style, it never really goes out of fashion!
  So that's all my latest purchases from Canada, and with SAAS coming in tomorrow and my trip to New York getting closer I'm sure these won't be my last! 
   I am absolutely loving it here and I'm yet to get properly homesick! I do miss my little car a lot though, and there's been a few hangovers where Irn Bru would definitely have improved my mood!
  Before I left so many people told me "you won't want to come home!" and I never thought I'd say it but I could actually stay here for a lot longer than 3 months! Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming and it'll be sad coming home where no one thinks my accent is cool! Family day is in a few weeks and my friend Alexandra has kindly adopted me for the weekend so I'll have a blog post about that coming in the near future! 

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