Wednesday, 19 February 2014

And The Leopard Got Adopted!

The Big Nickel!
   In Canada they have a holiday called "Family Day Weekend" so that people get some time to see their families! Unfortunately for me my family are a bit far away at the moment, but luckily my friend Alex and her family adopted me for the weekend and took me to their amazing house in Sudbury! I got shown all the main attractions such as the big nickel! This picture doesn't even do it justice, it is HUGE!
   We spent most of the two days standing out on  a frozen lake! Alex's family have an ice hut so you can shelter in there to keep warm or heat yourself up with some snowmobiling! 
Alex with the ice hut!
Keeping warm with my leopard fur!
Sunset & Snow Mobiles
   The evenings were spent eating amazing home cooked food, drinking tasty cocktails and playing with Alex's array of adorable animals!
Making some Bahama mamas!
Maggie, who is still a puppy!
Zoe was a bit tired out by the end of the weekend!
   The end of the night was taken up with a game called "Pishnook" where you have to flick counters into the center of a board. However, after a few glasses of wine and cocktails combined with my acrylic nails I was definitely not winning many rounds!
    I had an amazing weekend and can't say thank you enough to Alex and her family for taking me in and making me feel so welcome! I've heard it's amazing there in Summer so I'll have to make another visit when the snow melts!

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