Tuesday, 21 January 2014

And The Leopard Went Downtown

Downtown Toronto
   Now that I've settled in a bit I thought it was time to explore Toronto properly! It's an amazing city, and even if it is a bit cold sometimes (-20 degrees!!) it makes a nice change of scenery from Aberdeen and Glasgow!
Me & Sophie outside the Eaton Centre!
   Our first stop was obviously going to be the massive shopping mall right in the heart of downtown! They have so many stores here that we don't have the luxury of having back home: Sephora, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle Outfitters and Juicy Couture just to name a few of my favourites! And with the exchange rate being so favorable to tourists here it has been a challenge to reign in my shopping habits!

PINK by Victoria's Secret
A Beautiful Michael Kors Store!
Visual Display inside Sephora

Being the ultimate fashion tourists!
   After a VERY restrained shopping trip around the Eaton Centre we went to Urban Outfitters where my shopping temptation could resist no more! I found these beautiful holographic pumps with a very on trend silver ankle bar and at $20 (£11 roughly!) it would have been a crime against fashion bargains to say no!
You can never have too many pairs of shoes!
   Although they are very pretty they are going to take a lot of breaking in so I've been wearing them to class (regardless of the snow, you can't wear wellies everyday!) which is a nice 5 minute walk to ease them into one day being comfortable!
Textured Top/£15/Topshop
Skull Necklace/£9/Topshop
   Sophie & I have both received a lot of compliments for our style here as we tend to stand out from the average Canadian! I've had this necklace for a while now but I still love it as much as when I first bought it. It adds a bit of edginess to any outfit, especially something like this white t-shirt! It's little things like this that are making us more unique in a fairly casual city. It's so interesting to see how fashion is perceived in Toronto and how different the trends are here compared to the UK. I'll be posting soon about my new purchases that won against my shopping resistance! I'll worry about my luggage allowance nearer the time...


  1. ive been to that shopping mall. its amaaazing. hope canada is good louise :) xx

    1. yeah there was sooo many shops, could easily spend a full day there! Thank girly, missing you! xxx