Monday, 6 April 2015

The Weekend I Ate My Way Round London

This weekend one of my Armani girls, Joey, came and visited me! We started our food journey at "Herman ze German" in Soho and had the best Bock wurst I've ever tasted! 
On Saturday we went to Box park in Shoreditch where, like true Scottish girls, we headed straight for the pop up that deep fries ANYTHING! Fry Hard is a must for anyone who is having a cheat day from their diet. Joey went for a deep fried scotch egg with deep fried brownies for dessert. After becoming addicted to "pickled willys" in Canada, I had to get deep fried gherkins, followed by a deep fried brioche. It's so bad it's good!

Today I decided to go for a walk to Battersea Park to try and burn a few of the calories consumed over the weekend!

I've managed to get myself an extension with my placement until August which I am so so excited about because I'm loving it! More exploring London posts coming soon!

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