Sunday, 14 September 2014

Canada Round 2!

  When I left Canada in May I promised everyone I'd be back - no one expected me to be back so soon! Alex was the only one who knew I was coming back so it was so much fun surprising everyone else when I got there! Out of everyone, Kayla definitely wins the prize for best reaction (Kayla is furthest right!)

   I stayed with Alex for the first couple of weeks & got to be reunited with all her family who came up for Floatilla! This is a weekend that Alex's family organise every year. All her family and friends come up to her property to float on the lake and consume a good amount of alcohol! I tried to represent the Scottish well, but her Nana out-drinks me every time!
The girls at Floatilla!
Me & Alex floating!
Sea Doo!


Rib Fest in Downtown Sudbury! (excuse the rib guy in the back!)
   After an amazing couple of weeks in Sudbury it was time to head to Toronto! I would like to say thank you to Alex & all her family for all the crazy new things they let me try, they've managed to make even the girliest fashion student feel outdoorsy! 

Labour of Love at Guvernment

View of the CN Tower from the Skybar!

The Toronto skyline through my amazing Tens sunglasses!

LED Party

All white before the paint party!

Not so white after the paint party!

I had an amazing month and it was literally the best feeling in the world to be reunited with all the people I had been missing so much! Canada is starting to feel like a second home now and I know I will definitely be back again! Thank you so much to all the people that once again made my time there so incredible! 


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